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    Discord is a great tool to use for voice communication when doing Zwift, TrainerRoad, or other group training activities. One thing I’ve noticed about voice communication and trainer is that it’ll pick up the trainer noise. There are few ways to remove the trainer noise in Discord. I personally believe installing discord on laptop/desktop gives you better control on voice configuration vs phone. There are ways to configure input voice on phone app, but each setup is unique and will take some additional configurations.

    • If you are going to install discord on laptop, the one thing you need to make sure is that the laptop has BT for headset connection.
    • If the laptop is very close to you during training, it’s possible to have headset wired to laptop.
    • Click on setting icon to access your voice communication settings
    • Click on settings
    • Go to “Voice” in your settings
    • From there you will see Input/Output and Input sensitivity. Each person will have there setup slightly different to reduce the trainer noise, but all three fields will be necessary for the final results. Here is how I tuned mine.
    • I’ve reduced input to 10% and bumped my output to 110%. I then unchecked my input sensitivity and spun my trainer up to 25mph-30mph and made sure the decibal stayed within the yellow. From there, I did mic check to make sure my voice would go into the green area.

    This configuration will help with the issue. If you need assistance with voice communication and tuning with your setup, feel free to reach out to me and we’ll get it working for you.








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